Classic Black | Daniel Wellington

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Hi lovelies. Little over a year ago I collaborated with Daniel Wellington and every since then I wore my DW watch literally every single day. What DW stands for is timeless, elegant, beautiful, effortless and chic designs and their watches go well with almost any outfit that you can put together. My DW watch has been a ride-or-die piece in my closet every since I got it. I was so thrilled when I got the opportunity to work with them again and especially this time as they were launching their brand new collection 'Classic Black'. Oh my.. I do not really know where to start on this one. The watch itself is so stunning and simply breathtaking and I chose the 36 mm Rosegold Classic Black Reading. What is even more special about this watch is that I got it with a crocodile leather band, by this, I believe it adds a little special something.

Click here to see their full 'Classic Black' collection and choose a watch that is the perfect one for you! The DW company were so kind to give you my dear followers a discount code (EMINA15) to use at their webshop. It expires 15th of November so hurry up and grab you favorite design at a 15% discount.

Love Emina
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Faux leather skirt - Asos
Bodystocking - H&M
Booties - Bianco Footwear
Coat - H&M Conscious collection 
Tights - Asos

Beauty Corner #3 | 10 things about lipstick

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Hi lovelies, It´s time for another #beautycorner post and this time it´s all about lipstick. Beauty Corner is where I share with you different makeup facts and makeup secrets. The idea behind this is to give you, my lovely readers, some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of each product, how to perfect your techniques and give you some cool facts that you may/may not know about that exact product.

1. Exfoliate dry lips for a smoother lipstick application
We all know the drill, the last finishing touch to complete our look is lipstick; but when your lips are cracking up and dry patches become more visible after a coat of your favorite lipstick, it no longer is a pretty look. Before you start doing your makeup, I recommend that you exfoliate your lips. You can do that with different techniques and with things/tools you already have at home.
  1) Apply a balm on your lips and let them soak up the moisture for a couple of minutes. Then take a clean, disposable mascara wand and slowly run it through your lips to slough any flaky skin away.
  2) Use sugar to exfoliate your lips by gently rubbing it in small circles - I use the Lush lip scrub and I really love the results. What is cool about it is that when you are done exfoliating, simply lick off the excess and you are good to go (and it tastes so good too - mine is in the bubblegum flavor).

2. Use foundation as a base
Just like eyeshadow, lipstick will stay on better when it is applied on top of a base. You can prep your lips for color by very lightly coating them with concealer or foundation - or a primer that is specifically made for lipsticks. This trick is especially useful for those that have very pigmented lips - so you can allow the lipstick shade to really stand out on its own and not mix up with the tone of your natural lip color.

3. Use liner on your lips as a base
Another way to make it last longer is first by filling in your lips with a matching lipliner. This way it will both last longer on the lips and keep the color intact throughout the day.

4. Turn your lipstick into a long-wearing lipstick 
The first thing you will have to do is to swipe on your lip color, then hold a tissue over your mouth, and then dust translucent powder over it. What happens is that a small amount of the powder will transfer onto the tissue this way, locking in your color and making it stay on all day.

5. How to find your perfect nude lip color
A trick to find the perfect nude shade for your lips is by the following:
Fair skin tone - pink undertones.
Medium skin tone - orange undertones.
Dark skin tone - chocolate browns (the darker your skin, the darker the lip color should be)

6. How to find your perfect red lip color
A trick to find the perfect red shade for your lips is by the following:
Fair skin tone - blue-red undertones.
Medium skin tone - orange undertones.
Dark skin tone - burgundy red undertones.

7. Use your lipstick as a blush 
Too good to be true? This is actually quite a nice technique and if you are on the run/did not have your blush laying around - this tip is for you! Like any other cream blush, what is important is that your make sure to blend it in with your fingers or with a sponge/beauty blender that makes it look seamless and effortless.

8. Keep lipstick off your teeth
After applying lipstick, take your index finger and pop it in your mouth, then pull it out. This way the excess lipstick will come right off on your finger and not on your teeth.  

9. Lipstick can expire
The general rule for how long your lipstick can last is between 1-2 years. Just like any other makeup product nothing lasts forever and it would be a good idea to check how long you actually have had your lipstick for. If you are like myself, I think that a lot of lipsticks come in cute packaging's and they can be used as a decor or/and put up as a cute display somewhere in your house.

10. Reattach a broken lipstick by melting the end
I have been in the situation a couple of times that my lipstick broke over in half by accident. Immediately you think to yourself that you can not do much about the situation and deal with it being gone, but there is actually a great trick to fix the problem. Melt the end of your broken lipstick with a lighter and affixing it back to the base in the packaging. Then, melt the two pieces where they would meet to fuse them back together. Just be careful not to hold the flame on it too long, otherwise, you will melt the entire lipstick, haha - good luck!

Love Emina
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Disclaimer: The picture is not mine.

Edgy it up with Zaful

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Hi lovelies, today I am wearing this Grid Print Sweater and Knitted Skirt which is a new look for me that I absolutely love! As I was scrolling down Zaful´s homepage, I came across this beauty. I could not think of a better fit for Fall than this 2 piece set as it fits right into the idea of what Fall stand for: Oversize, soft, cozy, chic and fitted. The material of the 2 piece set is very thick, therefore it will keep you warm through the colder days, and not to mention very soft as well so it is comfortable to wear throughout the day. With this kind of look, you do not need to go crazy with accessories and only a few pieces are enough to complete it. Because of this, I decided also to get some sunglasses that both are a bit edgy, chic and stylish in their own way. I got the White Cat Eye Sunglasses and  Metal Black Sunglasses. I love how different they are and yet, they go so well with the outfit. I will get a lot of wear out of these beauties for sure as they are so unique. To top off the accessories I found these Geometric Rings which are very beautiful and goes well with everything else in this look. Alos, check out their Instagram for great daily fashion inspiration. I hope you like this post and talk to you soon!

Love Emina
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