Black n Gray

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To begin with I want to say that it wasn´t my intention to be away for a little while. I´ve been very busy with my school but luckily the storm has started to pass. I promise it won´t be for that long ever again ;) I have some new posts ready for you guys and I can´t wait to share them with you!

Today's post is an OOTD. Fall has definitely arrived here in Denmark and this is probably the first day that I could go outside without a jacket. The weather has decided to be nice for a day where rain wasn´t on the plan. 

I´m wearing my lovely grey long blazer from Vero Moda and it has got some big pockets on each side. I think it´s really cool and it´s so soft as well - cozy and classy at the same time.
You can´t really tell by the pictures, but I´m wearing a short black skirt and a black t-shirt by H&M - It kinda looks like a dress when worn together though ;)
My new Oxford shoes by Retro Shoes - purchased in Bosnia. My sunglasses are by Ray Ban and my clutch is by Accessories - Bijou Brigitte - purchased in Germany. As for other accessories I went very simple and added silver details - two silver rings by Spinning Jewelry and a silver necklace & my earrings which were given to me as a gift by my family. I wore my hair down to get that relaxed but still edgy look.

I hope that you liked this post, and I talk to you soon ;)

Love Emina

Blazer by -B Vero Moda
Clutch by Accessories - Bijou Brigitte
Shoes by - Retro Shoes
Sunglasses by - Ray Ban
T-shirt and skirt by - H&M
Silver rings by - Spinning Jewerly

MK and sparkle

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Summer is almost over, and the temperature has slowly started to fall a bit. For today´s post, I´ve combined some of my favorite pieces in general from my closet, for this transition from summer to fall
My favorite bag ever that I´ve been a proud owner of since this April, is my Large Selma bag by Michael KorsI´ve purchased this little love of mine in Calgary, Canada, when my class and I went on a class trip to Canada this spring. The item that was on my top priority shopping list was this bag. The reason I choose to purchase it in Canada and not in Denmark was because of the price. It was cheaper for me to purchase it in Calgary, Canada - and so I did. And I haven´t looked back ever since or regretted it for a single moment. This bag is my little baby who I cherish as a little child - that´s how much I love it. The bag itself is at a decent size - and when it comes to how much space you there is inside I would say that It´s the amount of space that I need for all of my stuff that I carry along with me. But it does get pretty heavy easily though - but still.... I LOVE it!  

As for the rest of my look, I went with a bright yellow sweater which actually is more greenish in real life. When I spotted the sweater in H&M, it was love at first sight. It´s so comfortable, cozy, elegant and cute at the same time - and the beaded embroidery at top just completes the girly-vibe in this look.

My boots which I have worn so so sooo much over the past year or so are one of - if not my favorite everyday boots and they´re the pair of shoes that I wear the most in general. So really my go-to everyday boots. 
The rest of the look is my favorite black jeans by Vila and my chic sunglasses with a golden detail from Gina Tricot.

I hope you liked this look and I see you soon for my next post up.


Bag - Michael Kors 
Sweater - H&M Here
Shoes - Vagabond
Jeans - Vila
Sunglasses - Gina Tricot

Lace and black details

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As the weather slowly has started to become cooler and more appropriate for darker colors, I pulled my brand new sweatshirt-top out of the closet. Even though, fall is not here officially I decided to start wearing sweaters and clothes that are a bit warmer. Sad as it is, I have to put my summer clothes back in the closet :(, but the good part is that I can bring out the new season and appreciate fall. 
Fall is one of my favorite seasons. What I like most about it, is big comfy sweaters and beautiful colors when the leafs start to fall, and in general the atmosphere around the season.

My sweatshirt-top is from H&M, it´s not a crop top, but neither a normal sweatshirt - but something in between.
I paired my top with my absolute favorite black jeans from Vila and my short jacket from H&M. I also paired the look with black leather boots that has a zipper on the side. To complete my look, I pulled my big black bag which I absolutely loveee. 

I hope you will enjoy the pictures my friend took of me today!

See you soon



                                                     Sweatshirttop - H&M Click here
                                                     Jeans - Vila
                                                     Bag - Gina Tricot 
                                                     Shoes - Havannah Shoes
                                                     Jacket - H&M
                                                     Rings - Spinning jewelry 

Summer is still here

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Today the weather was amazing and the sun was shining - not quite the usual September weather in Denmark. That means that the summer still haven´t left us!
For my OOTD (Outfit of the day), I decided to go with some fun and colorful pants. They look like that there has been thrown some paint at them, in many different colors. They´re so soft and super comfortable - I wore this look to school, and It´s really suitable for sitting down all day... I´ve worn them quite a lot recently and I really love them. I paired the pants with a regal blue tank top. My shoes are from Bianco they have a cool leopard print all over them, and they´re studded as well - "girly" all the way. For my accessories, I went with the gold-theme. My sunglasses are by RayBan, golden necklaces and rings from H&M. What I like the most about this look, is that you can pair the pants with all kinds of different colors after your own choice. I really hope that the sun doesn´t go away any soon and that we  at least have a little bit of the summer left for the rest of the month.
I hope you liked this look - let me know what you think in the comments below


Shoes - Bianco footwear
Pants - Only
Tank top - Vila clothes
Sunglasses - RayBan
Necklase and rings - H&M

New and Blue start

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Hi everyone! My name is Emina Masovic, I´m a 17 y/o student who lives in Denmark. I decided to create a fashion blog based on my personal interests which are fashion, makeup and style. I´m really excited about this, and I hope that you will like it too and hopefully come back for more!
As for my first post, I decided to go with the theme “new start”. I just started my second year in high school, which is a new start ;) and also the blog being completely new!
We have a tradition in my school; at the first school dance/party of the new year, we all have to dress by a specific dress code. All the first graders wear white, second year blue, and for the seniors, black. It´s really a fun and interesting party and I was really looking forward to it.  
This year I´m wearing blue!!
I went with a beautiful, flowing deep, blue dress. It has the high-low effect and it´s super elegant, classy and very comfortable at the same time.
I decided to pair my dress with the elegant Mary Jane stilettos. I love them!! I´m kind of a heel-fanatic:D anyways… I like to call them the “Much cheaper version of the Louboutines” but we all know that there actually can´t be a comparison with them. We can all dream, right haha :D
I had a wonderful time at the party and lot of fun with great friends.
I hope you will enjoy these pictures of the evening and stay tuned for more posts


Shoes   -
Earrings  -  H&M
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I hope you enjoyed your stay - Love Emina