Black Vibes

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1 time change later and we´re officially on Winter-time.
I like to wear all black every now and then, even though it´s very dark It has a very brightening effect on me and it gets me in a positive mood. I´ve put a very cozy yet still chic outfit together today. It´s super comfortable and warm for these fall days. As you can tell by the top picture I was playing around with leafs. I believe that they´re the reason for my positivity around fall. I look outside my window and see the pretty colors and the beautiful leafs laying all around - and the sight of that automatically brings a smile on my face. 

For my outfit, I wore almost everything black except my silver necklace, rings and earrings. My new black turtleneck shirt which I absolutely loveee has been a new purchase of mine recently. It´s really soft, thin but warm, cotton and wool-blended and super comfortable. I wore my necklace over it so that it would put the black look together. I also paired it with my knitted cardigan which is a woolen-mix and it adds the warmth and coziness to the look. The grey lines on each arm open up the look and adds that little extra to complete it. As you can see on my last picture down below, I´m wearing my winter jacket which is also my all-time-favorite. The favorite thing about it is its fur around the hood - and of course, it´s super warm! 
The pictures were taken at a place outside the city - so I could get that real fall-vibe. 

I hope that you liked this post and I talk to you again very soon - feel free to leave a comment below and telling me what you think - I always enjoy reading your lovely comments <3 !!

Love Emina


Turtleneck shirt - Pieces
Knitted cardigan - Vero Moda-Noisy May
Necklace and earrings - H&M
Rings - Spinning Jewerly
Boots - Savannah Shoes
Jeans - Vila
Winter Jacket - Modström

Rainy day - Fuzzy Sweater and Booties

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Don´t you just love this weather because of the coziness it brings along and the warm fuzzy sweaters you can get to wear in fall... I do! But one thing that I don´t like is when it rains. I´m not much of an outdoor person not meaning that I don´t like to be outside but what it means is that I like the fall season - just from my warm home where I can get to wear my fuzzy socks and drink a big cup of hot chocolate. I´m currently on a 7- days break from my school - we always have a 7-day break in October here in Denmark ;) And It´s really nice to just relax and have a moment to yourself from the hectic schedule.

Now for my look. I was wearing my new lovely, warm, cozy, fuzzy sweater! Is so nice and soft that I think I could sleep in it If I wanted to haha! But let´s keep it classy and wear it outside the bedroom, shall we ;) I got it from H&M and I absolutely love loveee it!
My new babies which are my brand new boots from Bianco. I was so excited when I saw them in the store, because I immediately thought to myself - I NEED them they´re  PERFECT for fall and winter!! They can go with almost everything and you can wear them as a casual but also dressed-up look - their versatility is just amazing!!

As for my accessories I went with the purple theme. My clutch is handmade from coffee papers and chips bags, by a friend of mine and I think that the style is so unique and cute. I also wore my new necklace by H&M and that just adds that little edge and makes the look come together; and for the last detail, I also wore my purple earrings by H&M - matches the rest of the outfit hihi. 

What is your must-have fall item? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Emina

Sweater - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Booties - Bianco footwear
Necklace - H&M
Clutch - Handmade - No brand
Earrings - H&M Wishlist

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Fall has arrived and that means that it´s finally time to start wearing cute jackets, and knitted sweaters - who doesn´t like that? I´ve recently come across the website and as I started to scroll down their website, I just fell in love with their fashion selection. I couldn´t resist in making a wishlist! They have a massive selection and speaking in the way that everyone can find something on the site that they like because of the taste variation! And let´s talk about the price.... it´s so affordable and really on the good price-range. I fell in love with these jackets, blazers and the knitted cardigan. also has a fast shipping so that just another plus. The pieces look amazing to me, so chic, elegant and classy! I´ve really looked forward to fall and winter in general because of the coziness that the seasons bring along with the weather. What do you think about my selection?

Love Emina

Happy Place

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One of my favorite places to be is near the sea. It´s so calm and beautiful and gives you space and time to think. My friend Julie and I went to Aalborg, Denmark and we walked the port - It was so beautiful. My zodiac sign is Pieces - maybe there´s more to it than I even realize. I get the feeling of being safe and home when I'm near the sea - and that´s something I´ve always felt like.

Even though, the weather was sad in a way - misty and a bit cold; the weather was beautiful because it was cloudy and as the sun came down it lighted up the sky in beautiful colors and magical as well I sound so poetic right now haha

Aalborg is a very cozy city and especially at night. Walking the port at any time of the day and at any time of the year is beautiful. The port is about 50 meters away from the city centrum - so even though you´re in middle of a busy city, you can still go down to the port and it automacittely feels like you´re in a different place - away from the city where everythings calm and quiet. - Can you tell that I love that place ;) haha!

For my OOTD I wore a gorgeous, colored, soft and cozy jacket from Vero Moda. A plain black t-shirt  from Vero Moda and my high-waisted jeans by Vila which are so comfortable and stretchy.  As for my shoes I wore my white converse - which are one of my go-to shoes and I´ve worn them quite a lot recently. The look was in golden details - necklace and earrings from H&M and my little baby - my bag Michael Kors - Selma-bag!!! I think that the jacket adds the little extra to the look and brings everything together, because when it´s all black it tempts to get very sad and boring sometimes (not that I don´t say all black isn´t a good thing) but spice up your look by adding some color. 

I really hope that you liked this look, and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Love Emina

Beauty favorites | September

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Today is the 1st of October and I have decided to start making monthly favorites. As this is my first time doing it, it will be a monthly-beauty-favorite where I share with you guys my favorite beauty things / products and what I in general have been loving throughout the entire month. I hope that you will like these kinds of posts and I certainly had a lot of fun making them!

Here are the products that I´ve been loving throughout the month of September sooo.........lets get started! 

1. MAC Studio fix fluid 

My nr.1 go-to-foundation. I´ve been using this foundation for more than a year now, and I´m sooo happy that I purchased it in the first place because I discovered that It´s my long lost love haha! I use it on regular daily basis - I don´t wear foundation every single day, we have to let our skin rest and breathe - be makeup-free every once in a while ;) What I love about this foundation is that fact that even though it´s quite pricey - it can last me up to 4 months!! And that´s what I call a great foundation. The coverage is medium to full coverage and that´s also a plus in my book :D Overall -> I loveeee this foundation!

2. Million lashes by L´Oréal

When it comes to finding the right mascara I know that a lot of you can relate and say that once you´ve found the one or at least the closest mascara you can possibly find to the one - is you happy day! When I first discovered the mascara and tried it for the first time it was my happy day haha! The mascara makes my lashes super long and super elegant. It doesn´t clump my lashes and the consistency is very nice and gets on smoothly. Sooo that is definitely one of my beauty favorites. 

3. Natural bronzer by Rimmel London

I´ve looked for a good bronzer at the low-price range for quite some time before I found this one. I believe that I´ve found a great bronzer which is very natural looking and it adds the little extra to your makeup look. The bronzer is definitely at the low-price range and has a hint of sparkle in it - which makes it even better (in my opinion). It´s waterproof, not that it was my focus-key on it being waterproof, but I think that it´s just a plus that it actually is. I´ve used this bronzer quite a lot in the month of September and I think that it´s my third time purchasing it. Love love loveee it!

4. EOS lip balm

When I was in Canada on a school trip this April I purchased my EOS lip balm. I´ve heard a lot of people talking about the EOS lip balm and they were all saying how much they liked it, and that was the reason for me to try it out. I was curious about what made it so special. Well.... it was a good thing that I did buy it... Because I love it! The feeling on your lips after applying it is so good. My lips are so soft and the lip balm has a nice sent as well. Mine is called Raspberry Pomegranate. The fact that they´re organic just gives it another plus! I would definitely buy another one when this one runs out. 

5. Million by Paco Rabanne

When it comes to perfume it´s like choosing your inner essence and wearing it on the outside- sounds weird but when you think about it it actually does makes sense ;) Million has been a great love of mine since the day I first tried it out - 2,5 years later I´m still using it. This scent has become my signature scent. The perfume which completes any look and gives that little bit of extra to your outfit before leaving the house. Definitely a favorite of mine!!

I hope you liked this post and let me know what you think in the comments below
Talk to you soon

Love Emina

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I hope you enjoyed your stay - Love Emina