Outfit inspiration Day / Night

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I came up with 2 looks. One for daywear and one for nightwear. I love to play around and put outfits together - so I was having a lot of fun making this post haha! I love the looks that I came up with and I would love to wear them. These looks are very cute and It would be very nice to have the whole outfit in real life though ;)
I hope that you like these outfits, and tell me If you would like to see more of these kinds of post in the future.

Love Emina

This look is quite dark, but I love the golden details in the look. I especially love the Dr. Martins and the Jacket. It can be a casual but still very chic look. I would wear it out with my friends on daytime and to school as well. The sweater softens up the look and gives it that comfy and warm vibe. I think that every single piece in itself is very cute, but you can change some items and replace them after own choice of course ;) 

For this look I created a more dressed-up-look but still chic, stylish and very girly. For those of you out there who are shoe lovers just like me, you are probably jumping up and down over these gorgeous Louboutins! Well... I know I am haha! The look is in golden, and pink tones. I think that it´s very classy and elegant for an evening out or going to a party. I would wear this look and every individual piece on its own! The blazer and shoes are the ones that make this look come together and I really like how it turned out to be! I would wear this look to a restaurant, or a party (not an outfit for being outside) - because of the cold weather (Here in DK it´s super cold) but good for you if you live somewhere where the temperatures are above 10 degrees :D 


Spain and a pop of Red

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I´ve been away for a little while and It wasn´t my attention not to blog for this long, but I´m currently in Spain as an exchange student for 10 days and there has been so much going on these days and I haven´t had the time to update my blog - but I´m here now! :D

It´s quite warm here in south Spain - Pozoblanco about 18-20 C, but the Spanish people walk around in big coats and boots, but in Denmark 18-20 degrees means that you wear shorts, skirts, dresses etc... I wore a skirt but with tights just in case it got a little bit cold. I was wearing a monochrome blouse which I absolutely love and it´s also a new favorite of mine, and I paired it with my new red bag and I think that it opens up the look and gives it a nice touch. My blouse has a little opening at the back which I think is very cute. My hair was braided in a French braid to give it a classy and elegant vibe´. Spain is so wonderful and I´ve met so many lovely people here! I have 5 days left here in Spain and then we (my class and I) will be heading back to cold Denmark again.. haha :D

I hope that you will enjoy these pictures and I talk to you soon!

Love Emina

Blouse - H&M
Bag - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Ecco 
Sunglasses - Gina Tricot
Earrings - H&M

Black And White Surprise

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I´ve collaborated with the amazing people at www.tideby.com and they have sent me this beautiful houndstooth jacket. When my packet from www.tideby.com came, my eyes lit up immediately and I was so excited that It was finally here!
The jacket is so beautiful, pretty, warm, comfortable, fashionable and cute (so many adjectives haha)! The fact that it´s peplum, just gives it that extra touch. I absolutely love it and it´s super warm for fall/winter time and I can see myself wearing it a LOT this season.
It was super cold when we took the pictures and I was wearing sheer tights - it wasn´t maybe the best decision - oh well - what you won´t do for fashion haha!

The texture of the jacket is not that thick, but it still manages keeps you warm - It´s wool-blended. I had my black scarf on and I think that It goes really well with the jacket. I also wore my favorite boots and my absolutely favorite bag - my Michael Kors Selma Bag which I loveee! You only get a little peak of my black dress that I wore underneath the jacket - it´s a woollen-blended turtleneck, long sleeved dress. It´s super comfortable, warm and I think that I´ll be wearing it a lot during fall/winter.
I decided to curl my hair to give it a nice and kind of a romantic vibe - and what´s funny is that my hair looks like it has been Ombré dyed, when the sun has actually been the one whose caused the color differences - haha! Free Ombré - yes please! Other than that I wore my soft leather gloves. The pictures were taken in one part of the old-city in Aalborg, Denmark.

Check out www.tideby.com It´s an amazing affordable - but very stylish site! Other coats and jackets on tidebuy.com here

Love Emina

Plaid jacket - Here
Bag - Michael Kors Selma bag
Shoes - Vagabond
Scarf - Gina Tricot
Gloves - Laze
Turtleneck dress - Here

Beauty favorites | October

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November is finally here and that means that it´s time for my monthly beauty favorites! This is where I share with you guys my favorite beauty things / products that I´ve been loving throughout the entire month. My favorites haven´t changed that much since last month Check out my September favorites here , but I´ve just added some new ones here in this post :))

Love Emina

1. Master Piece liquid eyeliner by Maybelline

I believe that we´ve all been there when it comes to applying eyeliner, that you want it to be done quickly but beautifully executed. But in many situations...that´s not what really happens. 
What happens is that you spend most of the time perfecting your eyeliner and making it even on both sides.... can you relate to that? haha :D Buuuut.... This eyeliner is sent by God to the people who want an easy applicator and a beautiful result. I´ve used this eyeliner in my every day makeup-routine for a long time now and It´s so easy and takes no time!! So good! Love it!

2. Color Show - Maybelline 

I think that this shade Burgundy kiss is the perfect color for fall. It´s is a warm, pretty tone and when worn It´s almost like a deep wine-red - I always wear two coats so that´s why I get an even darker color (obviously). The applicator is quite large so that´s also a plus if you like to do your nails precisely and fast. I´ve had this nail polish for over a year now and there is still so much left even though I´ve been using it like crazy lately!

3. Mac studio Fix fluid - NW 13

What hasn´t changed since last month is my nr.1 go-to-foundation. The only thing that has changed is the shade of the foundation. I´ve gone from a shade NW 20 - to NW 13. My skin is much lighter in winter-time and going a couple of shades down really suits my skin tone in the cold seasons.
I use it on regular daily basis - I don´t wear foundation every single day, we have to let our skin rest and breathe - be makeup-free every once in a while ;) The coverage is medium to full coverage and that´s also a plus in my book :D Overall -> I loveeee this foundation!

4. Pure & Natural Moisturizing day care - Nivea day cream

My skin is normal-dry. I´ve tried all different kinds of creams and when I came across of this one I knew that my search has come to an end. This day cream is so moisturising and really does the job when worn under makeup or just as it is. It hydrates my skin all day and it´s super soft and has a nice fresh scent too.

5. Naked pallet 2 - Urban Decay

I purchased this lovely pallet of mine in Calgary. I absolutely love all of the colors and they´re so pigmented and stay on all day/night. My favorite colors in the pallet are: tease, bootycall, YDK and busted. I´ve used this pallet throughout all of October and I can´t see myself stop using it! You can make so many different makeup looks from the pallet and go from a completely natural makeup look to an amazing black smokey eye.

6. L´ORÉAL Paris - Elvital Extraordinary Oil

It makes my hair so soft and gives it an amazing glow and shine. My hair immediately looks fresh, pretty, shiny and healthy. I use it after I´ve washed my hair and I usually just pump one time, and run it through my hair when damp. I also use it on as a last finish to my hairstyle to give it that nice glow and shine.

I hope that you liked this post and let me know what your beauty favorites for the month of October are in the comments below!

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I hope you enjoyed your stay - Love Emina