Winter in Sarajevo

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One travel day, fresh haircut and 2000 km later - I´m in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Back to my roots).
I´m here in Sarajevo on my Christmas break to spend it with my loved ones. This morning was so beautiful that I decided to shoot some pictures for you guys. Even though it was a cold morning, the sun shined and warmed me up ;)
I was wearing my new blue blouse which I´ve purchased in Spain, my grey pencil skirt, black boots and a pair of woollen tights to keep me warm. I didn´t go crazy with accessorizing because I wanted a simple, clean and chic look on its own; so I only paired the look with my new golden clutch and a pair of my favorite sunglasses with a little touch of gold on the side of them. Happy holidays for those of you who celebrate and I talk to you soon :*

Love Emina 

Blouse - Zara
Pencil skirt - Gina Tricot
Boots - Pavement
Clutch - H&M
Sunglasses - Gina Tricot

Burgundy Winter

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Even though it was tremendously cold today (which you can´t tell by the pictures) I decided to shoot some pictures for you guys and take my big, warm winter coat off.... and freeze haha. It was about 2 degrees celsius today... yeah! I wore my new burgundy dress paired with a big soft cardigan, knee socks, oxfords and of course my statement necklace. I think that I´ve worn this color the most out of all - I do like burgundy and purplely shades now this winter season. It was sunny and because it´s a festive and cozy season I found this day to be very good and I enjoyed it very much - even though I couldn´t feel my toes all day ;).
I hope that you liked this post - and let me know what color you´ve been wearing the most throughout this winter season?

Love Emina


Dress - H&M
Cardigan - Gina Tricot
Knee socks - H&M
Statement necklace - Gina Tricot
Shoes - Retro Shoes

Beauty favorites | November

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I can´t believe how fast this month has gone by.... I have been so busy throughout the entire month of November. Besides my regular school schedule, have I also been to Spain as you already know from my previous post. It was one of the best and most exciting experiences of my life!
I´ve been sick this past week so that´s also one of the reasons that this post is first up now. And let me tell you.. my favorites of the week were: Kleenex and tea haha!
But for my favorites: I´ve used some new products and some new makeup brushes throughout the month of November, so here are my favorites! :D

Let me know in the comments below what your beauty favorites were for the month of November:

Love Emina

1. MAC lipstick - Russian Red

This lipstick has got to be my all-time favorite lipstick! I love everything from the shade to the consistency and the smell of it as well. I´ve repurchased this lipstick twice before because you know when you find a beauty product that you absolutely love... you have to buy it again of course! I wear this lipstick on it own, but I also line my lips with the MAC lipliner - Cherry. But you also get a beautiful result with the lipstick just as it is.

2. Sephora - Winged eyeliner brush

I purchased this new love of mine two weeks ago when I was in Spain. I have used it a couple of times since. It´s so easy to use because it´s already angled and it gives you an easy control over the brush. I use it with my gel eyeliner from Maybelline and it looks very good when applied. 

3. Elf blush

This is a very natural-looking blush. It just gives you that little extra finish to the look. The shade is very pretty and it contains glitter to make it even prettier. The package is very cute as well and quite small. So it's very handy when you travel so it doesn´t take up a lot of space.

4. Elite models - blush brush

What I like the most about this brush is that it´s very soft.. haha! When using this brush I get a very pretty result. The brush is angled and that´s what gives you an easy and smooth application - I love it!

5. Beauty blender

Ever since I was with my class on a trip to Canada, Calgary where I purchased my beauty blender, I´ve been using it to apply my foundation on regular daily basis. What I love about it is that you get a smooth almost like an airbrush feeling foundation. It´s so easy to use. First you have to wet the sponge by placing it under rinsing water. The beauty blender will increase its size up to 3x as original size. Squeeze it until the excess water runs out, dry it with a towel, and then it´s ready to be used. I really love to use it and sure will use it a lot more in the future. And I have definitely used it the entire month!

6. Garnier - Micellar cleansing water

What is great about this makeup remover is that you don´t have to rinse it off afterwards. But I´m that kind of person that I have to rinse it off with water or my face doesn´t feel clean - haha! It doesn´t sting your eyes and it´s very gentle on the skin. This product has been a must-have in Spain and has also been in my every day night-time routine, because it covers the entire face so you don´t have to have all different kinds of products with you when you travel. 

7. Nivea - Refreshing Toner

This product has been in my daily morning- and night routine. I love this toner because it´s not too strong it´s quite gentle on the skin and also has a nice fresh scent to it. I have also brought it with me to Spain and after I use it in the morning and at night, my skin feels so refreshed, clean and nice afterwards.

Hasta luego España

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A lot of you have asked me about my trip to Spain and you have showed great interest in the trip in itself - why I was there and what I´ve been doing there while staying in Spain.
This post is not about fashion, makeup of anything like that, but I just wanted to share my wonderful exchanging-trip to Spain with you guys and because I have taken so many photos while I was there... I was kinda obligatory of me to do so ;) hihi

I lived in a beautiful city called Pozoblanco - Andalucia in south Spain. I lived there for 7 days with my host family. The Spanish people showed great hospitality, kindness and love to all of us (the exchange students). I felt like I was a part of their family from day one, and let me tell you.. It was so hard for me to say goodbye to the great Spanish people. I became good friends with a lot of them, and I miss them very much - luckily they will pay us a visit in March! My class has also been to Cordoba, Granada and Seville. You have to go and see these places for yourself.. not even pictures can do their justice. It´s so breathtaking, beautiful and magical in a way! The last 3 days of our trip we got to spend in Granada. It´s an old city where the beautifulllll....... Alhambra is (a castle). When it comes to Alhambra... I have never ever seen something like that, not even close to it before.... Alhambra is over 700 years old and when you walk the palace you get that magical feeling I was telling about and as we were walking I was constantly getting the goosebumps... sounds weird but it was actually that beautiful and it´s such an incredible place. I almost sound like a travel guide hahah! We saw a lot of old but beautiful  architecture and cities in general! I would definitely come back one day but until that day comes, I can look my pictures trhough again and again and remind myself of the trip!

Here are some of my 837 pictures that I took with my iPhone 5 camera:

My beautiful Spanish host Carmen

Spanish people and some of the danish exchange students


Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba


Palace, Seville

Alhambra, Granada

700-year-old geometric artwork made by the muslims when they ruled over Spain

I hope that you enjoyed these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them! <3

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I hope you enjoyed your stay - Love Emina