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My favorite way to relax is by listening to music and that´s my little everyday getaway - I plug in my earphones and let the music take me somewhere else. In this case, I was very thrilled when the Swedish company Sudiosweden,com contacted me to do a collaboration with them. Sudio makes elegant, sophisticated and very classy earphones which have a studio sound quality.

I chose my Sudio earphones to be in black with golden details and they came with a black leather case which is so pretty and elegant, and I just think that their products can work as great accessory themselves and add that little extra to your look! 

Sudio asked me if I wanted to give my readers a 15% discount code (fashionbyemina15) and of course I want to share it with you guys. I also tried my new earphones on my piano to see how the sound quality works on there, and it´s very close to my pro-earphones that I already have for my piano! I´m very happy with them and I´ve been trying them out for a couple of days now and they´re a very good product! 

A little cute story on how they came up with the name (Sudio):
One of their founders of the company randomly ran into the singer Phil Collins in the streets of New York - when the company was still figuring out a name for the store, and he had some trouble with his earphones and from that little meetup they chose to name their store Sudio inspired by one of Phil Collins songs Sussudio - how cool is that!

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Love Emina

Use the code: fashionbyemina15 and you will get 15 % off your purchase!!

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