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I´m currently on a short break from school, and I decided to pay my favorite city Sarajevo (where my roots are from and family live) a visit again. I´ve been so busy lately that I wasn't able to be that active around here, but now I´m here :D I love spending my time in my Sarajevo, walking the streets, being with my family and friends and just sit on a bench somewhere in the city and let the city soak in itself. The weather was so beautiful that I had to make an OOTD for you guys! The sun is out, but the temperatures are still low, but that´s not a problem ;)
As for my outfit, I wore a red dress which can be dressed up and dressed down, and in this case I dressed it down to make it more suitable for daytime. I paired it with a leather jacket, black scarf, and my favorite boots. 

I hope that you liked this post and let me know your thoughts on it - I always enjoy reading your lovely comments!

Love Emina

Dress - Divided
Jacket - Vila
Boots - Vagabond
Sunglasses - RayBan
Clutch - Pieces 
Scarf - Pieces 

Beauty Favorites | January

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You might have noticed that I haven´t made a "December favorites", the reason behind that is that my favorites didn´t change at all throughout the month of December from my previous "November Favorites" you can check it out by clicking hereAs for this new year some of my favorites has changed, I haven´t tried new products out the past month, so this was a "December/January" favorites in which I´ve combined some of the products I´ve been using the most, but this month wasn´t about makeup, but more like skincare and makeup accesories: Check my favorites out below ;)

Let me know what your favorites were for the month of January, I always enjoy reading your lovely comments!

Love Emina

1. Garnier - Pure Active 3 in 1

This product has been a must-have for me the past two months. I use it every two-three days and the result is so good that I will be using this product for a very long time from now on. It leaves my skin so soft, smooth and fresh. It works as a great mask as well, you can leave it for 5 min on dry skin and the rinse it off, but I use it more as a face scrub and it works perfectly on my skin.

2. Grapefruit face mask

I´ve been looking for a nice face mask which is also are fun and smell very well. I came across this one when I was in H&M store. I´ve spotted it a couple of times but never really took the initiative to purchase it. I gave it a try and It´s actually a very good mask which I definitely will repurchuase. I have a weakness for things that smell good ;) and this facemask smell amazing. The mask leaves my skin soft, smooth and fresh.

3. Eyelash curler

I believe that every woman should own an eyelash curler. You all know what its purpose is of course and what a difference it makes. I haven´t really been a fan of using it before, but I kinda got the hang of it the past two months, and now I can´t really go without it. Mascara + eyelash curler = makes everything better :D haha!  I got this one from Maybelline.

4. Decubal gel

I´ve tried out so so many different face creams/ moisturizers. Some were good and some of them were really let´s just say...I shouldn´t have purchased them. They all have a purpose of moisturizing your skin and keeping it from dehydrating over the day. I´ve found my true love and it´s this product. I give an amazing hydration and you skin feels soft and moisturised throughout the entire day. It´s a great base before makeup and a perfect night moisturizer. It contains 0% fat, parabenes and colourants, and that´s only a plus in my book.

5. Vaseline

This is my go-to lipbalm. It´s quite addictive and I reapply it multiple times a day. It just leaves my lips soft and moisturized and it gives it a nice glossy finish as well. I´m pretty sure that I´ve gone through 4-5 of them since my first purchase.

6. The Body Shop - Tea tree face mask

Even though this facemask is for oily skin with blemishes, I still use it and find the result very good. I´ve had really bas skin for 1,5 year ago and at that time I started using this facemask. What the mask does is that it lifts out all of your impurities and gives you a nice and very deep face cleansing. It´s based on teatree and that´s what gives it a really fresh feel on the skin, almost like you´ve eaten a very very .. very sstrong mint-gum haha! I use this maske every once in a while when I feel the urge to it. It´s a great product which I definitely can recommend.

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I hope you enjoyed your stay - Love Emina