"Life´s too short not to wear lipstick"

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Let me start by saying: I love lipsticks! I think that wearing a lipstick gives every look that extra sprinkle of sophistication, femininity and elegance, which are not bad adjectives to add to your look if you ask me. I would like to share with you, my top 4 lipsticks that I love the most. The reason why the four of my favorite lipsticks are from MAC is just because MAC makes great makeup in general and I find them lasting a lot longer than any other lipstick brand I´ve ever used and this is just a little side note - they smell so good! I can definitely recommend them if you´re looking out for a good - longlasting (good smelling) and simply fantastic lipstick!

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Faux A25 MAC
When it comes to wearing a lipstick that will go with almost anything and any outfit, it will be this one. I have worn this lipstick so much throughout Summer and I absolutely love it! The lipstick has a satin finish, which gives it a little shine but not too much on your lips. I chose this lipstick to be my go-to day lipstick because it suits my lip color and enhance it, and that´s what I really like about it; the natural but yet pretty and girly look that it gives.

Speak louder - MAC

This was the first product that I ever got by MAC and since then I´ve been loving this brand and purchased several products from them over the years. This lipstick is a lipstick with a cream sheen finish. This shade is great for summer and I really like the shade because it´s more of a settle pink and the sheen finish gives the look a fun and girly vibe. It´s also great for daytime makeup - because I tend to prefer lighter shades in the daytime and switch over to darker ones at night. I use this lipstick on its own, but I can imagine that you can find a lip liner that will fit it just fine!

Russian Red - MAC

I purchased this lipstick when I was looking out for  a matte and more bright red lipstick for my schools gala last year. I´ve since then repurchased it and I´ll do it again and again until they don´t make them anymore haha! Like I said, it´s matte, so If you´re not that much into a matte finish then you can just add some lipgloss or a simple lip balm over it if you still want to go with this color but only to make it a more sheen look. What I love about lipsticks, is that you can use a lipstick but on so many different ways and create different looks with them by using a few other products on it. Mostly I like to use my Russian Red on its own, or I´ll wear the cherry lipliner by MAC under it- and that gives more definition to your lips. Russian Red is also my favorite red lipstick ever and it suits so many looks and also skin tones, so you can´t go wrong with this one! 

If you´re looking for a nice darker shade which is also mysterious in its way and chic, then you definitely have to get the DIVA by MAC. This lipstick is matte and just like the name of it says - the shade is burgundy, and it´s this really beautiful shade that it´s like a really dark red with a hint of purple - love it! I wear this lipstick on its own most of the times, but I also change it up a bit by applying the MAC burgundy lip liner  under it - what it does it that it darkens up the lips even more and makes them more dramatic, which is beautiful as well if you like to wear dark lipstick. I wear it mostly in the colder seasons because of the color, but why not be a rebel and just work it in Summer as well!

Combination: Russian Red & Burgundy lip liner - inspiration

This combination is one of my favorite looks to wear! It gives the lip look a radiant look with a darker shade in the outline and as you move inside it gets lighter. I start with applying the burgundy lip liner and fill it half in so I don´t cover my entire lips with it. Next I take my Russian Red and fill it all in. The result is so pretty and It´s my go-to look when I wear lipstick. 

Swatches of the above-mentioned products
Left to right: Lipliners: (Cherry & Burgundy) Lipsticks; (Diva, Russian Red, Speak Louder & Faux A25)

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